Angela, IELTS Preparation teacher at Global Village English Centres, Calgary

Meet Angela, IELTS teacher at Global Village Calgary

Meet Angela! Angela has been at Global Village for over 15 years, making her the longest serving teacher here.

Angela got her start as an English language teacher 24 years ago when she began her career in Hamilton, Ontario, working with newcomers to Canada. At Global Village, she’s our resident IELTS expert, teaching mostly higher level IELTS preparation courses. 


We caught up with her between classes to discuss her advice for students, what she loves most about teaching and Global Village as a place to study. 


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Teacher Angela with a group of Global Village Calgary students


Have you ever taught abroad? 

Yes, I taught in Korea. I went on a working holiday and found a recruiter who placed me in a variety of different English institutions. It was an incredible experience. I went without having any Korean language skills. I couldn’t even say ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ when I first arrived!


I really wanted to have the same experience that a lot of our students have when they come to Canada. I wanted to be able to better understand what it’s like living in a totally new place and speaking a new language.


It really was incredible. I had the opportunity to meet so many people. And I did what I tell my students to do. I started talking with people. It was amazing. After a few months I was able to have basic conversations. I challenged myself and, as a result, grew not only as a person but as a teacher as well.


Teacher Angela with students at GV doing snowman crafts



What advice do you always give students? 

To new students just starting out, I try to remind them to just ‘live in the moment’, to not stress out and to just have fun!


If you’re still making up your mind about coming to study English in Canada, and particularly here at Global Village, just know that we have some of the most amazing students and staff. Everybody is very warm and welcoming, no matter where you come from. It’s a really great place to be.



What do you love most about teaching? 

I come to work every day and have the amazing privilege of meeting people from all over the world. Every day is different and unique when you’re a language teacher and Global Village is full of the most amazing students. 

Global Village Calgary teacher with a graduating student


How would you describe your teaching style?

I try to be dynamic in the classroom. I think students don’t learn as much if they’re just sitting in a boring class listening to a lecture. I try to make my classes very energetic and try to get everybody as engaged as possible. 


Angela dressed up with IELTS sign


Have you ever had a language misunderstanding while you were travelling?

I certainly have. I was in Quebec. I was doing a French language exchange. I needed an alarm clock. I didn’t know the word for alarm clock, but you have to try to be understood no matter what. So I went into an electronic store and the clerk didn’t understand me when I tried to do the direct translation. I didn’t realize that it was called something different. So I acted it out, complete with the “ding, ding, ding”. The clerk finally understood and we shared a laugh! Now I’ll never forget the French word for alarm clock is ‘reveil matin’.


What makes Global Village a good place for students to study? 

Global Village has a wonderful atmosphere. The moment you step inside the building you can feel how positive a place to be it is. You see friendships forming in the hallways and students of different nationalities and backgrounds hanging out and laughing in the student lounge. So many lasting friendships are started right here at the school. I think that is really important.


There are lots of extra opportunities above and beyond the classes for students to practice their English, including a full schedule of activities after school. 


The teachers, administration and staff as a whole really put a lot of energy and love into everything they do. We all really care about the student’s experience…. not just the language learning, but students’ overall experience in Canada too. I’m really proud to be a part of Global Village. 


What are some advantages of living in Calgary? 

Calgary is a fairly big city but it has that small-town feel.  Everything you need is right here and the transit is super reliable compared to other countries.

Global Village teacher Angela in a theatre


What is one place every student should visit while they’re in Calgary?

In Calgary every visitor should make a stop at Bernard Callebaut, a famous local chocolate shop! They have very good chocolate. 


The zoo is nice. It’s conveniently close to downtown and on Sundays they serve brunch!  They put out a beautiful spread, all-you-can-eat style, including a chocolate fondue. It’s incredible – the food is amazing!  


Cross Iron Mills Mall is a great place to shop. It’s quite a large shopping centre that has a lot of stores and outlet shops. It’s a little bit outside the city, but they have bus services that run regularly. 


What yearly festival or event do you always go to in Calgary?

I try to do something at the Calgary Stampede. Every year they have some great musical talent come. So taking in the concerts around Stampede is a cool thing to do, especially if you want to experience country music and cowboy culture! 


What was your favorite subject in school? 

English. In grades 10 and 11 I had an amazing English teacher that other students disliked. They thought she was too strict, but I liked her style. I learned a lot in her class and I really felt that she brought a lot of value to the class.  By grade 12 I rearranged my whole schedule just to have her yet again! And here I am today – an English teacher. 


Global Village IELTS teacher, Angela, with graduating students

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