Thursday, 30 August 2018

GV Vancouver for Grown Ups!

GV Vancouver

Our 30+ program is now one of our most popular programs!  Designed with the mature student in mind, the 30+ GEP has the same curriculum and language skill objectives as our regular adult GEP.  It also has the same price.

The only difference is that students in the 30+ program are a bit older and more mature than the students in the regular adult program which ranges in age from 16-29 years old.  “I really love this program and feel comfortable in it” says Claudia Monacelli of Italy.

“My classmates and I can explore topics which we have in common– such as our career experiences, families, travel, etc.   It is very interesting! GV Vancouver also arranges after-school activities appropriate for mature students, such as kayaking, while the younger adult students might go to an amusement park or something.” 

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