Friday, 27 July 2018

Student success story: Raul Trouselle

GV Victoria

Being an international student requires dedication, hard work and an open mind. Our Pathway student Raul is an example of someone who has it all!

Raul started in GV Level 5 of our English for Academic Purposes Program and worked his way through levels 5, 6 and 7. From the start, Raul was open to learning about other cultures and made lots of friends. He dove right into his academic studies and embraced the challenges of studying abroad with a high level of maturity without forgetting to enjoy life.
Raul recently completed his Pathway to Camosun College and is now taking Exercise & Wellness at Camosun. His goals are to complete his program, find a job and hopefully settle in Canada. Raul is a very easy-going man who is definitely missed at GV Victoria. Meet Raul in this video and learn how his road to success happened!

Visit our GV Pathway Brochure for our list of university pathway partners in Canada.

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