Saturday, 21 July 2018

GV Hawaii Teachers Help Bring English to Life

GV Hawaii

GV Hawaii teachers help build your confidence in communicating with others in real life situations. Apps don’t. You can learn vocabulary through exercises, drills, and tests with an app, but teachers will have you practice using these words with your peers and venturing into the local community to use the words in context. When the pharmacist understands what you need because of symptoms you’ve described, that’s communicating!

Apps don’t help you understand context. Teachers do. You can perfect sentence structures with apps, yet sometimes “perfect language” is not what you need in everyday life. Teachers help you negotiate meaning in dialects, slang, idioms, and even body language. When you give your friend a thumbs up after she tells you to break a leg as you go to the stage to sing your favorite song, that’s communicating!

Apps can help you acquire new language skills, but they will never take the place of skilled and caring instructors at GV Hawaii who help you refine those skills and apply them. With GV Hawaii teachers, you learn not just to talk to people, but to communicate and connect with them on a personal and educational level! Come to GV Hawaii now to witness for yourself the high level of instruction from our faculty!

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