Wednesday, 27 June 2018

There’s No App for That!

Studying with a GV Calgary Instructor and the Benefits of an Immersion Experience

GV Calgary

Clearly, online learning has an important role and can be blended effectively with classroom learning, as we do at GV Calgary. Yet, nothing can replace the experience of being in an English speaking environment and being taught by a GV teacher. 

Classroom instruction promotes:
  • an authentic, in-person experience with others from many different countries, 
  • rapid progress in students’ English,
  • a friendly, supportive community where students become friends.
Derek Wilson is a great example of a teacher who engages with students not only in the classroom, but also on school activities to help them experience what Calgary has to offer. Derek accompanies students to hockey and football games, and the Stampede Rodeo during July. For 15 years, Derek has been at GV Calgary and, as with the rest of our excellent team of instructors, he finds teachable moments whether inside or outside the classroom. There is no app for friendly, experienced teachers who motivate students, and promote a whole range of positive experiential learning opportunities.

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