Saturday, 12 May 2018

Connecting with TED & GV On-line

GV Vancouver

Vancouver is home to TED Talks, one of the most progressive platforms for connecting the world with cutting edge leaders and cutting edge ideas.  Offering a rich resource for general language learning and inspiration on a wide range of topics of contemporary importance and global relevance, TED Talks is beamed into our GV classes by teachers on demand.  Among the enticing 2018 line up of speakers is Culture Builder Frances Frei, Identity Entrepreneur, Melanie Shapiro, Game Maker David Cage.  

Outside of the class, our new GV Online Learning platform is gaining popularity among both students and teachers.   Students can practice and review the things they are studying in class anywhere, anytime.  Longtime GV teacher Jennifer says: “It’s great for students who like to review and do extra practice. There are so many activities that are matched to our curriculum.” Keen students are often seen in the computer lab at breaktime, lunch time, or after school getting the extra edge it provides. Saudi student Faisal was using GV Online on the second day of his class this session. When asked why he said: “I want to pass my test. For me grammar is difficult so I do extra practice every day.”

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