Monday, 2 April 2018

What's the Goal?

GV Toronto

Did you know that every course at Global Village has different learning goals? On the first day in any course, students receive a one-page course outline telling them exactly what they will be learning in that course, and what new skills they will have on course completion. 

Pictured on the right is an example from one of GV Toronto's most popular Electives: Slang and Vocabulary. The goals, or objectives, have been carefully created by experienced academic managers and teachers to fit the topic, skill focus and level of the course.

For instance, one objective for the GV2-3 Slang and Vocabulary Elective (High Beginner, A2 level) is to "increase your knowledge and usage of idioms in everyday life", whereas a corresponding objective for the same course at GV4-5 (High Intermediate, B2 level) is to "use techniques to remember and use new idioms effectively". This means that at the higher level, teachers are expanding on the teaching and practice of the vocabulary to instruct them on systems and strategies to become better independent vocabulary learners.

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