Thursday, 19 April 2018

Afternoon Skill Boosters at GV Vancouver

GV Vancouver

By far the most popular afternoon elective choices of students, especially among those in the lower and intermediate
levels, are the classic building-block skill boosters: Speaking with Fluency, Accurate Pronunciation,  Correct Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension.

Once these basic skills are in place, students elect for the advanced options such as Speaking with Power and Control,  Speed Reading for Gist, Active Listening.

Students in our exciting university and college pathways to Corpus Christi College at the University of British Columbia, Thompson Rivers University School of Business, and Vancouver Film School are required to enroll in Academic Prep, Academic Writing, and Presentation Skills.

Looking for something a bit lighter and more fun?   We periodically offer English through Film Making, Engaging with Social Media, Casual English and Slang, and more!

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