Thursday, 9 November 2017

Innovations at GV Calgary

GV Calgary is proud to offer three new programs in addition to our tried and true successful programs.
  • The Global Competence Certificate (GCC) is an exciting new program that helps better prepare students for working in the multicultural workplace. Students gain maximum flexibility through General English, English for Business or IELTS Prep in the morning and the GCC Course in the afternoon. Starts Sept 25, 2017 !   Find out more
  • E-Flex Learning is already being piloted in our school. It is an excellent  platform for combining classroom study with online study with a community of like learners whom you also meet in person.
  • The GV Calgary Teen and Leadership Program will be available in July, 2018. This features three or four weeks of English classes plus activities, whereby one week involves an intensive series of workshop for leadership training. It is perfect for our global leaders of tomorrow. Check it out

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