Monday, 27 November 2017

Difficult Teens? What this Group Leader Found in Toronto

“It is well-known that it is sometimes difficult to deal with teenagers,” says Paqui Moreno, who led a group of junior students from Spain to Global Village Toronto this summer, “but if they are happy and love what they are doing, everything gets much easier.”

Parents of study-abroad students expect strong academic results, and that is a big reason why 32 groups chose GV Toronto junior programs in 2017. Paqui explains, “My students loved their classes and teachers at GV. They were not the traditional classes with boring speeches and grammar exercises, they were actually very engaging; students were the protagonists of the lessons, having the opportunity to take part in debates and discussions, learning and using English in real contexts and everyday topics and situations. They absolutely loved it!”

Junior students are also eager to broaden their horizons through extra-curricular activities. GV Toronto activity planning focuses on safety, experiential learning, and fun, which Paqui’s group found as well. “After school, they had a wide variety of activities, which allowed them to explore the city, meet and spend time with other international students.” Paqui says. “They were carefully planned according to the students' age and likes. As a result, my students really got involved in every single activity offered by the school, making the most of their stay in Canada.”

GV Toronto has summer and winter teen activity programs open to individuals and groups, with custom groups welcomed year-round. These programs feature:
 • active and engaging activities • improvement in all English skills, with a focus on speaking
 • homestay or residence options • academic elective class options
 • 17 different nationalities in summer 2017 
Paqui concludes, “Undoubtedly, it was the best experience they could have abroad, only possible thanks to the great organization and management of Global Village. What a pleasure to have had the opportunity of spending a month there!”

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