Monday, 11 September 2017

Customer Service Is Our Way Of Life At GV Calgary

At GV Calgary, we are truly fortunate to serve wonderful international students who have come here from around the world.

We have some special ways (and special staff!) to serve students. We are fortunate  to have Kanae from Japan as an Admin Coordinator. Find out more about Kanae and hear from one of our Korean students in this video:

Vanessa, our Academic Advisour  and Terry, our Director of Programs, help students select their best course of study. Along with Greg, our EAP and Pathways Coordinator, they assist students make a plan, and even apply for further study. Carla, our Head Registrar, plus Erin, our Events Coordinator and Tania, our COO and IELTS Centre Manager, also share GV Calgary’s team philosophy that “Everyone matters!”

Special mention must also go to Canada Homestay Network, with whom we work. Their representative Heather, who is based in the School, ensures  that Calgary’s reputation for hospitality is well deserved. She has even been known to host students in her own family home while they are in transition. Talk about commitment and caring!  Find out more about some of our admin staff and teachers:

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