Friday, 25 August 2017

Student Success In Our Business At GV Calgary

At GV Calgary, we are in the business of helping students make rapid progress with their English. We offer eight General English (known as GV) levels, as well as Specialized Programs like IELTS Prep, where we have multiple levels as well. Most of our students start on the official starting date each four weeks. But we are flexible, and are happy for students to start when it fits their schedule.

A key piece of the Needs Assessment Process is the GV 360s, whereby a  teacher checks in with each student every four weeks. Check out this video where Caterina, one of our teachers, and Laura, a student from Spain, give their perspective on the GV360 interview:

We also ensure the success of our students by teachers meeting each one, individually, on the first day to get to know them and assess their English level. By keeping classes together for four weeks, GV furthers student success by creating the best environment for learning at the right levels and for working as classroom communities, where new friendships are made, often for life!

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