Thursday, 15 June 2017

GV Vancouver. She Has Done It All!

Maryam Alrasheed has done it all at GV Vancouver.

She successfully passed GV 7 and qualified for a pathway. She won the outstanding student of the month award. What could she do for an encore? IELTS of course! 

Maryam says “After I finished a few months at GV8, I took the IELTS test and got 6.5. I was lucky and I wanted to do better. My teacher Aaron pushes us really hard to do better on all parts of the test. We get lots of homework and he teaches us so many things about what we should and shouldn’t do on the test. I have now gotten an official score of 7.0 and my goal is at least 7.5. I’m hoping to get 8.0 though!” After opening so many doors for her future what does Maryam want to do next? Not surprisingly, she has set her goals high.“I want to study epidemiology. That is my dream.” 

If you ask any of her teachers and classmates, there is little doubt her dream will come true in the near future.

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