Friday, 14 July 2017

Acts Of Love And Compassion

And why we Recommend Homestay…

The young GV student * had just turned 18 years old and he had just happily settled into his GV homestay when his host mother noticed that he didn’t look quite right.The boy said he had a bit of a headache and thought it was just the jetlag, really nothing to be concerned about. The host mother wasn’t convinced and insisted on taking him to the clinic. The clinic arranged for more testing right away, and neurologists determined that he had a serious life-threatening tumor in the brain which needed to be promptly removed. Neurologists in the boy’s home country were consulted and a team decision was made with the boy’s family to proceed with the surgery without delay at the Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. The boy’s family quickly came to Vancouver and the host family welcomed them with open arms into their home. Much love and support surrounded the boy as the surgery proceeded. The tumor was successfully removed, the boy recovered very well, and he was able to fly home in 4 weeks. In the meantime, the families had become very close life-long friends. A year later the boy returned to resume his studies at GV Vancouver. He transferred to a ranch stay to accomplish his original dream.

* The names of the student and host family are withheld.

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