Monday, 3 December 2018

Teacher Feature - Siobhan Fox

Always looking for a “rad trail” and “perfect flow”,  Siohban Fox’s love of mountain bike riding in the North Shore Mountains is equally matched by her passion for teaching at GV.

“I think it’s important to be engaged, dynamic, energetic, and empathetic. I love getting my students out of their seats and moving them around. Whether it’s to perform a dialogue or discuss a topic, I find movement keeps the class motivated to learn.”  Click here for video.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

A Teacher who Wears Many Hats

“He’s really funny, competent and knows what he’s speaking about. He is very experienced. He adds fun and is interactive - just his way of being. He’s a good teacher.”

That’s what one student in the Cambridge CAE course has to say about Nino, a teacher in both the General English Program and the Cambridge Program at GV Hawaii.

Nino knows the insides and outs of learning the English language, and he mixes his experience, knowledge, insights, and creativity to create dynamic learning experiences for his students. Nino’s students have shown a pattern of improving their English skills at a fast pace—and are quite successful at achieving their personal and academic goals.

After over 10 successful years at GV Hawaii, Nino doesn’t need to think twice when asked what he likes about teaching: “My students make me a better teacher and a better person.”

If you’d like to study for a Cambridge exam, GV Hawaii has Spring, Fall, and Winter classes—and extraordinary teachers! Contact us at for more information.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Igniting Passion for Lifelong Learning

For instructor Scott Fowler, success in the classroom is created by making lessons which are personally-relevant to students and by developing students’ independent study skills so they can continue to learn over a lifetime.

Whether he’s teaching Cambridge CAE, supporting EAP students or developing curriculum for popular electives like Global Issues, Scott’s students appreciate his engaging approach.
  These student quotes sum it up best:

  • He gives good examples which help you remember vocabulary.
  • I like his gestures to explain difficult problems
  • He is the best teacher I’ve met in my life.  I can understand easily even though this class is hard for me.  Also, he’s so kind and fun!

Watch this VIDEO to hear a study tip directly from Scott!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Meet Angela, instructor at GV Calgary, since 2004

As with all GV Calgary teachers, Angela Podetz is supremely dedicated to ensuring that our students make rapid progress in the English language.

Angela notes, "I have been involved in IELTS preparation for more than ten years. I love the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people; we learn together and enjoy doing it! Our population includes many internationally trained professionals seeking certification here as well as international students wishing to go to a university or college in Calgary.

It is so wonderful to have former students show me their diplomas from SAIT or pictures of their names on the windows of their medical clinics! In the new year, I also look forward to becoming a part of the Global Competence Certificate instructional team at GV Calgary."

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Taking over the world, a cup of coffee at a time!

GV Victoria - Sam Fang

GV Victoria is proud to celebrate another successful graduate, Sam Fang.

This remarkable young man from Taiwan has, since last fall, successfully completed GV levels 3 and 4 in the General English Program, the full IELTS Preparation and the Power Speaking programs; as well as the Global Competence Certificate.

Achieving the IELTS score needed for acceptance at Camosun College, Sam will study Business and Management at Camosun College this fall.

Besides all this, Sam is pursuing his dreams of becoming a coffee expert and owning his own coffee shop!  He recently obtained his Barista Certificate in Taiwan. Congratulations, Sam!

“Studying in an overseas country for almost a year is a big challenge for anyone. One year of my life has made me become a better person. I'll remember what I learned from GV Victoria”.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Graduate Success Stories at GV Calgary

GV Calgary - MaríaGV Calgary - Carlos Sandoval

GV Calgary - We are very pleased to highlight the success of two of our amazing students from Venezuela.

In the first video, Carlos Sandoval who reached his IELTS score at GV Calgary, tells us about studying at SAIT, where he is in the Energy Asset Management Program.

María Pérez followed her dreams and made rapid progress in her English at GV Calgary, and has been accepted via the SAIT Pathway to the Architectural Design Program. Maria was awarded the Student of the Month at Graduation in August, 2018, and we are pleased to feature her in our Graduation video.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Future Tokyo Jazz Singer

GV Vancouver - Kyoko Fukaya

GV Vancouver - Kyoko Fukaya’s dream is to plunge into the Tokyo jazz scene as soon as she returns from Vancouver.  Kyoko, currently on leave from her extremely busy career as a news reporter in Tokyo, decided to take a one-year leave to study in Vancouver to improve her English and follow her passion in music.   Enrolled in GV Vancouver’s GEP program, as well as GV Vancouver’s partner school VSO School of Music for lessons in Jazz, Kyoko is very excited about where her studies will take her!