Friday, 17 November 2017

GV Hawaii Junior Programs & Group Tours

GV Hawaii recently hosted a customized study group tour from Nihon University High School in Japan, who were here from October 4 to October 14, 2017. Students studied English in the mornings and then took part in a variety of fun and cultural activities in the afternoon. They had a wonderful time as evident by the below “spooktacular” testimonials.

“It was the first trip to foreign countries of me. I had a great time in Hawaii. I want to go to Hawaii again.”

“Global Village is very nice school. I wanna learn English at school again.”

“The teacher helped us everyday. Spell, advice and greeting. :)”

“It was more fun attending class here than attending class in Japan. I liked how we gave questions to each other in class.”

“I could practice English when I enjoy activities.”

“My homestay family was very kind. They took me many places and I experienced a lot of things.”

In addition to customized youth study tour groups, GV Hawaii offers two exciting youth programs: Cambridge Young Learners of English Program (YLE) and Teen Activity Program (TAP), which are held during the Winter and Summer. The Cambridge YLE Program is recommended for young students from 7 to 12 years old, who wish to develop their academic English skills and receive an official Cambridge certificate. YLE students can sign up for exciting weekday afternoon activities such as hula lessons, beach day, hiking etc... Click here to see photos of Cambridge YLE Progarm from this past summer.

The TAP is for junior students from 12 to 17 years old, who wish to combine morning English lessons with daily action-packed activities while learning the host culture.
Sign up for one of these popular programs by contacting!

Monday, 13 November 2017

For parents and teens, GV Victoria is the right choice

An unforgettable experience for teens from all over the world. An extraordinary learning adventure age-tailored for juniors 12-17 years old! 
  • safest city in Canada 
  • well-designed English studies
  • action-packed afternoon activities 
Learn English and have fun. Meet new friends. Discover new places.
  • carefully screened homestay families 
  • specially-trained staff and activity leaders
  • supervised weekend excursions 
Qualified and friendly staff of teachers, counsellors, activity leaders and homestay are ready to welcome you and ensure you or your child have the experience of a lifetime!

GV Victoria TAP programs are available from 2-to-4 weeks in winter, and from 2-to-8 weeks in summer. Individual and group programs are available.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Global Village Hawaii Hosts Customized Youth Study Tours!

Global Village Hawaii has been hosting exciting tour groups for many years, but this year GV Hawaii has welcomed younger students. One example was a group from Changchun, Jilin Providence in China. This group of young learners and their parents were in beautiful Hawaii from August 5-15, 2017. In the mornings, students studied in the Cambridge Young Learners of English Program and received Cambridge University ESOL certificates after passing the Cambridge exam. In the afternoons, the students went on activities such as Ala Moana Beach Park, the Art Explorium, Honolulu Police Department and Aiea Bowling. Their customized tour included an amazing trip to the Island of Hawaii on their last day, where the group visited the majestic Volcanoes National Park. Lastly, these students were deputized as Study Hawaii Ambassadors and will be spreading the word that Hawaii is a great, safe, and multicultural place to study.
Give your group of young students a truly memorable study abroad experience in a safe tropical paradise by contacting GV Hawaii at Serious Learning, Serious Fun!

Innovations at GV Calgary

GV Calgary is proud to offer three new programs in addition to our tried and true successful programs.
  • The Global Competence Certificate (GCC) is an exciting new program that helps better prepare students for working in the multicultural workplace. Students gain maximum flexibility through General English, English for Business or IELTS Prep in the morning and the GCC Course in the afternoon. Starts Sept 25, 2017 !   Find out more
  • E-Flex Learning is already being piloted in our school. It is an excellent  platform for combining classroom study with online study with a community of like learners whom you also meet in person.
  • The GV Calgary Teen and Leadership Program will be available in July, 2018. This features three or four weeks of English classes plus activities, whereby one week involves an intensive series of workshop for leadership training. It is perfect for our global leaders of tomorrow. Check it out

Monday, 25 September 2017

Gateways to Excellence in Education & Adventures on Canada’s Westcoast

For those looking for a high quality college education in Vancouver, we offer:
For those looking to develop their skills for a multinational work environment we offer:
For those looking for adventure and exploration on Canada’s Westcoast, we offer:
  • Nature/Wildlife Conservation, Salmon Fishing, Whale Watching, Rocky Mountain Tours, Vancouver-Alaska Cruises and more!

Pathways to Work Experience

Global Village Toronto is pleased to announce three new program packages for 2018 focused on preparing students for great job opportunities in the areas of Engineering, Business and Healthcare.

English for Engineers Pathway
  • Leads to university degree or college diploma programs with co-op to secure an important first job in Canada
  • GVT prepares students for both the university prerequisite and English language specific to the Engineering field
  • Students will be able to apply for a post-graduation work permit   
  • This work experience can help students qualify for permanent residence in Canada
English for Business Pathway
  • Leads to university degree or college diploma programs with co-op to secure an important first job in Canada
  • GVT prepares students for both the university prerequisite and English language specific to Business applications
  • Students will be able to apply for a post-graduation work permit   
  • This work experience can help students qualify for permanent residence in Canada

Healthcare Internship Abroad Package
  • GVT studies focus on English communication and English language specific to the Medical field
  • After improving their English, students do a two-month healthcare internship in Mexico or Peru
  • This program gives valuable international experience for those applying to medical school or jobs in the healthcare industry
   Please check the GV Toronto website for more information –– coming in October!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Customer Service Is Our Way Of Life At GV Calgary

At GV Calgary, we are truly fortunate to serve wonderful international students who have come here from around the world.

We have some special ways (and special staff!) to serve students. We are fortunate  to have Kanae from Japan as an Admin Coordinator. Find out more about Kanae and hear from one of our Korean students in this video:

Vanessa, our Academic Advisour  and Terry, our Director of Programs, help students select their best course of study. Along with Greg, our EAP and Pathways Coordinator, they assist students make a plan, and even apply for further study. Carla, our Head Registrar, plus Erin, our Events Coordinator and Tania, our COO and IELTS Centre Manager, also share GV Calgary’s team philosophy that “Everyone matters!”

Special mention must also go to Canada Homestay Network, with whom we work. Their representative Heather, who is based in the School, ensures  that Calgary’s reputation for hospitality is well deserved. She has even been known to host students in her own family home while they are in transition. Talk about commitment and caring!  Find out more about some of our admin staff and teachers: